Important Humana Medicaid Doctors Information

Health care org. supports regulation with DOF

THE umbrella organization of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) supports the government's move to regulate the health care industry. Carlos Da Silva, executive director of the Association of Health Maintenance Organization of the Philippines Inc. (Ahmopi), said that regulation will entail consumer protection and will enhance trust for...

CVS opens four in-store medical clinics in Albuquerque metro

The nurse will see you now

Patient cured of Ebola in Germany treated with biofiltration device

A Ugandan man hospitalized in Germany for the Ebola virus was treated with a biofiltration device that the creators believe will change the landscape in the fight against viral pathogens.

How Obamacare Went South In Mississippi

Demonstrators carried a large check for $8.7 billion that contained the signature of President Barack Obama to represent the amount the federal government would contribute if Mississippi loosened Medicaid eligibility requirements.


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